Candidate Testimonials

April 2019

Managing Director – Middle East – VIP Charter Operator

‘It has been a great pleasure to work with the Zenon team, not least because they successfully placed me in an interesting and challenging role that I would never have found.
I have a varied background in aviation and they really rose to the challenge to find the right fit.
This has been a great experience, a bit like having my own business agent.
Zenon has been really proactive, guided me, prepped pre-interviews and offered tremendous support throughout.
I cannot recommend Kevin and the team highly enough. There was a huge amount of background work done by them and they really hit the target.
Highly recommended!’

October 2018

Crew Planning Manager - North Europe Regional Carrier

"I am very grateful for the support that Andrew and the Zenon team gave to me during my search for a job opportunity.
I was working in Central Asia, but I decided to start looking for a new challenge to develop my professional career.
I contacted Zenon and in a couple of weeks I already had an interview with a company in Europe and I got the position of Crew Planning Manager, a position completely oriented to my professional career and experience.
All the time Andrew was in touch with me, following the process and keeping me updated and informed.
Thank you Zenon, for making the world smaller, and bringing companies and people closer, in an industry that requires specialized personnel, which sometimes is not finding or coinciding with the companies that seek their expertise.


Diana T"

September 2018

Engineering Director - Africa

"Thank you Zenon. When searching for worldwide aviation employment I would highly recommend Zenon as the top selection. In the past I have worked with several aviation recruiters. Zenon provided the very personal touch.

Zenon was recommended to me by a friend. Zenon had assisted him on several occasions. I was provided the contact information for Andrew Middleton whom I contacted and emailed my CV.

Zenon did an excellent job reviewing my CV. Andrew took the time to set-up phone call's to personally speak to me about several Engineering Director positions with several organisations. Andrew immediately spoke with these organisations and after one week I was scheduled for interviews.

My targeted organisation was in Africa. I had worked in West Africa in the past and I wanted to return. West Africa is known to be a market that takes patience and perseverance. The Zenon team has both and worked hard to overcome the many obstacles in front of them. Andrew did a great job, and I won the opportunity to return to Africa.

Zenon has won my respect and confidence. If I require assistance again at a future date Andrew and the Zenon team will be the one I call

Nathan S"

March 2018

Helicopter Captain - African based Helicopter Operator

"I just wanted to share my experience with Zenon and especially Ashley. I’m glad I decided to apply for the advertised job. Ashley instantly got in touch with me, everything worked perfectly out. Overall very professional, friendly and helpful, basically a really pleasure working with those guys! Many thanks, all the support and help is highly appreciated!

Capt. B412/AW139"

February 2013

Simulator Examiner on contract with an Asian TRTO

"Once again I would like to thank you for Zenon's kind assistance during my B737 TRI/TRE contract assignment in Far East.

It was a pleasure to work as a Zenon contract Instructor. From the beginning to the end including the travel, accommodation and payment of my salary on this assignment was perfectly organized and I am looking forward to working with Zenon again in the near future.

Best Regards


January 2013

Business Development Executive - Fuel Efficiency Management Company

"Just a quick note to thank youfor all the hard work you went through to get me placed into an ideal and excellent company. I thought it would be near impossible to meet the requirements I had given you, but through your prompt, polite and professional manner you managed to find a fantastic position for me in a very short amount of time!

The work environment and people could not be better and I really extend my best wishes to you with continuing to place people into excellent areas of work within aviation! Please keep in touch and do what you do best!"

October 2012

Flight Attendant placed with a Corporate Jet Company

"So nice to hear from you. I hope all is well on your side

Yes I arrived in Basel yesterday
Everyone is amazing -and so far so good!
It is not what I expected, (obviously) very different to commercial flying- but as I said, so far I love it!
and all thanks to you! thank you for all your help and support in getting me here.
So far we have just been busy with some training and setting things up in the aircraft.
Thank you once again for everything!

Keep in touch!"

August 2011

CL605 Contract Captain placed with a Corporate Jet Company

“Thank you so much for your prompt reply and dispatch of funds, I have never worked for a Contracting Company that is so efficient and trustworthy, it has been a pleasure to work through ZENON, I hope that the opportunity to do so presents itself again.”

October 2010

B737 First Officer placed with British Airline

“I joined Zenon on a fixed term contract earlier this year. I found Zenon to be a very professional recruitment agency. The staff at Zenon were excellent, at all stages they were very informative, helpful and friendly as well as offering advice when needed. I would happily use their services again or recommending them to a friend.”

November 2010

B737 Contract Captain

"I have been working for Zenon Aviation on contract basis for the last 2 years.

I remember when I first met Andrew. He personally came in to meet a group of candidates (including me) before an interview with a perspective airline that he was recruiting for. Since then I have had a really good relationship with him and with Zenon Aviation.

I have only had good experiences with Zenon, good back-up and personal coaching, leading up to my permanent employment with my current employer.

I highly recommend their services, because they not only think about themselves (as I found other agencies did) but they look after you and your interests too.”

July 2010

BBJ Captain permanently placed with a Corporate Jet Operator

"I would like to mention what a pleasure it has been to deal with you. I think you had to work pretty hard to make this happen, and it did not go unnoticed. Your friendly and professional style will, I am sure, stand you in good stead in all your dealings. This is the first time I have dealt with a recruitment agency and Zenon did not let me down. I particularly liked your constant communication, and even more-everything you said, was the way it was. A rare thing in this day and age. My compliments."