Services We Offer

Temporary / Contract Labour

Short term personnel, day to day, whatever duration of contract, whether you need a Ferry Flight Crew, Cabin Crew or Licensed Engineers, Fitters and Technicians, Zenon is ideally placed to meet your specialist recruitment needs at a moment’s notice.

The benefits are:

  • The transformation of fixed costs to variable costs.
  • The guarantee of qualified and vetted personnel.
  • The removal of the burden of the recruitment/ selection process

Permanent Placement

If you have a permanent position to fill, Zenon can source any individual to match any criteria. This can be at any level from senior executives and middle management through to junior appointments.Zenon have a unique knowledge of the aviation market and a personnel database to meet your permanent recruitment needs.

Head-hunting, sourcing candidates to any specification, screening CV’s, interviews, references and qualifications checks, Zenon will supply a short list of selected interviewed candidates.

Temporary to Permanent Recruitment

Zenon can fulfil short term recruitment requirements. There is no obligation to employ them at the end of the assignment. Candidates are offered the opportunity to take up full time employment. The benefit to any short-term assignment is it allows both the candidate and client the time to decide whether a permanent position is the right decision.

Executive Recruitment

Zenon offers a search and selection service. This involves recruiting senior executive positions for any specification. This can be as senior as a CEO, COO or any nominated Post Holder with the Aviation Authorities or managers with the specific skills, qualifications and leadership experience, required to support and drive any business forward. 

  1. Head-hunting
  2. Sourcing candidates to your required specifications
  3. Screen CV’s
  4. Qualifications & reference check
  5. Interview

The types of positions we fulfil are:

  • CEO & COO
  • Managing Director
  • Operations Director
  • Technical Director
  • Finance Director
  • Ground Operations Director
  • Flight Training Director
  • Cabin Crew Director
  • Airport Station Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Chief Pilot
  • Fleet Captain
  • Fleet Technical Pilot
  • Quality Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Sales/Commercial Manager
  • Flight Safety Manager
  • Cabin Crew Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Charter Sales Manager
  • Customer Account Manager
  • Jet Broking Manager
  • Aircraft Sales Manager
  • Business Development/ Sales Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Business Travel Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Account Manager
  • HR Manager

Out Sourcing & Outplacement

Companies want to be seen to be and recognised as having a more caring attitude towards their staff. Unforeseen circumstances sometimes happen leading to redundancy or contract termination Zenon can minimise any impact in a stressful and uncertain time. We offer employees advice, support, counselling and employment coaching. Zenon’s consultants are experts in providing your employees with:

  • Counselling & coaching to adjust to change.
  • Support & motivation to help with career progression.
  • Careers advice and information on the aerospace employment market.
  • Coaching in self marketing to promote themselves to future employers.
  • Sourcing new aviation job opportunities.
  • Advice on career changes.
  • Interviewing techniques & preparation
  • Financial Planning

Zenon professionally resettles outgoing employees which protects the morale and motivation of your remaining staff. Outsourcing to Zenon, a professional aerospace recruitment company enhances any company’s reputation as a fair and sympathetic employer.

International Recruitment

Zenons consultants have years of experience in both sourcing and supplying aerospace personnel worldwide:

International Recruitment Campaigns

Zenons consultants are experienced at sourcing your personnel requirements overseas through extensive experience of international recruitment campaigns for their clients globally. We use local resources, contacts and a database of international candidates to fulfil all your overseas personnel needs.

Temporary & Permanent Labour Deployment

Aviation is a global market and as a result Zenon have specialist consultants who understand any market and have experience to source and supply skilled aerospace personnel worldwide. Our consultants have both the understanding and knowledge to ensure any work force complies fully with any local employment legislation and taxation laws.

For more information please contact one of our consultants on +44 1483 332000.