Zenon Awarded Weststar Aviation Services Contract


Zenon Recruitment are delighted to announce that, due to the successful relationship with Weststar Aviation Services in Malaysia, we have been awarded the contract to supply AW139 and other rotary personnel to Malaysia and their supporting contracts worldwide.

Zenon’s expertise and ability to attract the most talented rotary candidates globally, places us in the unique position to ensure successful recruitment services to Weststar Aviation Services.

Weststar Aviation Services have recently agreed the signing of 10 brand new AW139 helicopters – announced at the Singapore Airshow. Weststar Aviation Services is the first operator worldwide who chose to benefit from the commonality in design across the entire Family of new generation helicopters AW139, AW169 – with 2 units on order – and AW189 – with four units ordered.


Having been propelled to the forefront of South East Asian offshore aviation, boasting the largest fleet of AW139s in the region, Weststar Aviation Services is further set to become the first Asian offshore aviation service provider to expand their operations overseas. With operations in Thailand, Mauritania and Morocco, Weststar Aviation Services will soon expand to other regional hubs in response to growing interest in oil & gas exploration. Zenon looks forward to a long-lasting business relationship with Weststar Aviation Services.


For more information on Zenon’s involvement with Weststar’s rotary recruitment, please contact the head of Zenon Aviation’s rotary division, Mr. Ashley Ewen ashley.ewen@zenon.aero


Weststar Aviation Services Website - http://weststar.com.my/main/index.php/weststar-aviation-services/

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