Zenon exhibits at the SETOps Conference


Zenon are very thankful for the hospitality of BlueSky news and the Royal Aeronautical Society at the SETOps Conference on Friday the 30th September.

This was the second edition of the highly successful Single-Engine Turboprop Operators Conference in 2017 SETOps stands poised to expand the industry’s customer base and boost sales for existing SETOps manufacturers.

The SETOps 2017 conference looked at potential growth for the sector; welcoming a wider audience to the benefits of flying privately and a viable alternative on short-haul routes, during the conference the delegates discussed the challenges and obstacles from pilots and training, to ground support and access. Key issues and focused on marketing and the importance of smaller airfields that will suit their low cost base.

While Exhibiting within the Royal Aeronautical Society Zenon’s consultant Ashley Ewen had the opportunity to meet with a number of delegates and clients whilst also attending and enjoying the discussions and topics within the conference.

Through these discussions and from witnessing the conference first hand Ashley reported that the Single Aircraft operators and manufacturers interests within Europe have overcome difficult challenges after the Brexit vote last year and it is reassuring and exciting to hear that they have recovered strongly since the beginning of 2017 and that the forecast for single engine aircraft sales will continue grow in 2018. This is particularly exciting for potential candidates looking for new opportunities within this area of the industry and Zenon foresee an increase in employment opportunities due to the positive effects of the market.

Zenon would like to thank all who met with Ashley at the conference and we look forward to seeing you all again in future.

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